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My books can only be obtained directly from Willmroth Consulting + Training
(Willmroth Beratung + Training).

To ensure that your shipment is received quickly and smoothly, please note the following information.


Step 1

Please always order by email with the following information:

  • Book title and number or quantity
  • Billing address and possibly different delivery address

You will then receive an order confirmation by email with account details and the total amount to be transferred. Individual prices according to the "purchase price overview" below. Delivery takes place after receipt of payment.

Mail delivery

If your e-mail program does not open automatically after clicking the button - then please send an e-mail "manually" to:
WBT Mailadresse

2nd step

Transfer total costs

  • The dispatch takes place by letter or international consignment.
  • Your invoice is enclosed with the shipment.
  • If more than one book is ordered, they will be sent in separate shipments to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

lease contact us immediately if you have not received your shipment within 8 - 10 working days after my dispatch notification.

Purchase price overview

for shipping worldwide

ABC of the NLS systems
Book price
incl. 7% VAT
125,00 euros
shipping 13,00 euros
total *138,00 euros

when shipping in Germany

ABC of the NLS systems
Book price
incl. 7% VAT
125,00 euros
shipping 7,00 euros
total *132,00 euros

* The ABC book weighs approx. 900 grams - this increases the packaging and shipping costs.

All books to Germany are sent as letters with the additional "PRIO" service, ie with shipment tracking.

All books abroad (worldwide) are sent as an international consignment with the additional service "TRACKED", ie shipment tracking.

More information about the selected shipping and payment method ...


Note on "own behalf"

If you like the idea and the book / books, you are welcome to advertise it. And I'm (almost) always happy to receive feedback. Above all through constructive ...

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